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Monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton-beamless construction secured to IX degree seismicity on the Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale.


The brickwork is WIENERBERGER Porotherm 25 N F and Porotherm 12 N F, as well as a double wall with a filling of 2 cm mineral wool 70 kg/m3 at the boundary walls between all apartments for better heat and sound insulation.


Roof system - flat roof.
A vapor barrier and thermal insulation are laid on the reinforced concrete slab. Reinforced cement screed or concrete is laid over them with a slope towards the funnels, then two layers of bitumen waterproofing SAINT GOBAIN BITUVER* are laid (the second is protected with a mineral sprinkle).
There are two types of facade design:
- Integrated thermal insulation system BAUMIT PRO* with EPS BAUMIT PROTERM* 12 cm and self-cleaning plaster BAUMIT NANOPOR K2.
- Ventilated facade with 10 cm ROCKWOOL* stone wool thermal insulation and a combination of ALBOND* aluminum composite panels and coextruded HDPE composite wood slats.
The plinth area is lined with granite.
The external windows are a high-class system from the world leader SCHUCO with triple glazing (with a warm spacer, Argon gas and thermal conductivity coefficient Ug = 0.6 W/m2k.) The railings on the building (balconies and terraces) - aluminum railing system with transparent laminated glass 88.2 up to a height of 1.05 m.


All plumbing installations are carried out according to the highest modern requirements with products of leading European manufacturers and in a degree of completion up to the plug.

For water supply:

Vertical wiring with Viega Sanpress Inox stainless steel pipes and horizontal wiring with Viega SmartPress polyethylene pipes.

For sewage:

A system with silent three-layer pipes Peštan S Line.


All HVAC installations are performed according to the highest modern requirements with products from leading European manufacturers and in a degree of completion up to the plug.

For heating:

Central heating installation with heat carrier water 60/40 °C from the thermal power station.

Mounted subscriber station connected to the city heating network with planned mechanical suction ventilation, providing 2 times air exchange.

For cooling:

Horizontal and vertical wiring and preparation for installation of climate inverter split systems.

For ventilation

Kitchen box: Specially provided shafts of chimney units.

Bathrooms and WC: Pipes made of galvanized sheet steel.

Ventilation of underground garages with an air network made of galvanized sheet steel.


The main electrical switchboard is located outside the building, with independent and permanent access ensured, according to the requirements of "Electricity Distribution Networks Zapad" EAD.

Installed video intercom and doorbell systems.

Magnetic cards and chips electronically control access to the building. Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Elevators are provided an emergency power supply.

Energy-saving LED lighting fixtures from a certified European manufacturer with motion and light sensors are installed in the common areas.

The individual electricity meter is installed by "Electric Distribution Networks Zapad" EAD within six months after supplying the building with a use permit.


The entrance to the building is made of aluminum windows with an electric lock connected to the intercom-bell system and an automatic closing device.

Smoke-tight showcases on the mezzanines.

Postboxes for each site are installed at the entrance to the building.

The flooring of the stairwell is made of polished granite.

The walls are plastered, plastered, and painted with water-dispersed paint (latex).

Staircase railing in architectural detail.

Entrance lobbies feature exotic natural marble flooring and paneling, suspended ceilings, lighting, and architectural detail accents.


Passenger Elevator equipment from the renowned world-famous manufacturer SCHINDLER*.


Floor covering – Sanded concrete. Ceiling - Reinforced concrete slab.

Brick walls - lime-cement plaster with applied paint.

Reinforced concrete walls and columns - only with applied paint.

Wiring according to the project with installed panels, switches, and sockets.

All garages are supplied with three-phase current and preparation for installing fast charging stations for electric cars with their lots and a guaranteed power of up to 22 kW.

The pavement of the ramp is made of fringed concrete with an additive for extra strength, hydro protection PENETRON* or KRYTON*, and built-in heating with sensors.

The garage doors to the basement level are sectional automatic NOVOFERM.

NOVOFERM remote-controlled automatic doors are provided for all garages, and some of the garages are 3.26 m high and pre-installed for the installation of a double parking lift.


The electricity supply Contract concluded and the connection fee was paid.

The water pipe was Completed according to the project and handed over with permission for use.

Sewerage Completed according to the project and handed over with permission for use.




* or an analog with comparable technical characteristics and parameters